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A Little Bit About Me

Supporting your to achieve your health goals

A physiotherapist by trade I am now pursuing my passion for fitness. I have years of experience using exercise to help improve my clients' quality of life and now want to use this knowledge to bring exercise and all its benefits, out of the clinic room, and into your life.

I am passionate about supporting my clients to reach their goals, whether that's to introduce regular exercise for the first time or to target a win in a running race. Exercise should be fun and I work closely with you to ensure that your programme is aligned with your abilities and needs. 

I am a mother of two young boys and particularly understand how difficult it can be to juggle work, family and health, as such my aim is to get to really understand your lifestyle and to design a programme that makes your life easier and isn't just 'one more thing' you need to add to your 'to do list'. 

I have created several different products that you can access to fit with your needs; 1:1 training, fitness classes and a 12 - week nutrition coaching programme to provide you with the flexibility you need. 

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