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Ellie's workouts are great, especially for mum's like me that want to get fit. She guides you through the process, providing lots of useful tips and advice in a friendly manner

Bev H

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I had a few nutrition consultations with Ellie, which were really useful and helped me focus on the small changes that make big difference to your health. If you are looking for weight loss, healthy diet, fitness or a lifestyle change - Ellie is your person to go to.

Hetvi P

Testimonials: Testimonials

Through last summer, Ellie was fantastic in helping me to drop some lockdown pounds and get my fitness back on track. Ellie understood what I wanted to achieve, helping with useful tips, advice and recipes to motivate me to eat more healthily. I'd absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to make a change to a healthier, more active lifestyle!

Chris B

Testimonials: Testimonials
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